Vegan-Inclusive Education: An Interview with Ruth Jenkins

An interview with Ruth Jenkins about Vegan-Inclusive Education, the challenges vegan children face in schools and steps parents can take to help

Watch Online: Moral exemplars or preachy do-gooders? 

Matthew Ruby gave the second talk of 2022 in the PHAIR Society Speakers series: “Moral exemplars or preachy do-gooders? Perceptions of vegans and vegetarians across cultures” You can now watch the talk online.

Watch Online: Why can’t we be vegan?

Cara MacInnis gave the first talk of 2022 in the PHAIR Society Speakers series: “Why can’t we be vegan? Barriers to veganism and vegetarianism” You can now watch the talk online.

Food of The Future

Social Psychologist and Meat-Replacement Researcher, Dr. Christopher Bryant discusses his research on meat and dairy alternatives.

Is anti-veganism slowing the vegan movement?

In this piece, Rebecca Gregson considers the negative impact that anti-veganism might be having on the vegan movement, highlighting issues of dietary lapse, self-silencing, and intra-movement conflict.

Enhancing open-mindedness towards meat refusers

Maike chats with us about her research tackling anti-vegan attitudes.

Student Showcase: Ben De Groeve

Interview with doctoral researcher, Ben De Groeve, on the perception of veg*ns.