Vegan-Inclusive Education: An Interview with Ruth Jenkins

An interview with Ruth Jenkins about Vegan-Inclusive Education, the challenges vegan children face in schools and steps parents can take to help

Animal Advocacy Conference 2023

We are thrilled to announce the 2023 edition of the Animal Advocacy Conference: Insights from the Social Sciences. The conference will take place June 22-24, 2023 at the University of Kent, UK. We will bring together researchers from… Read More

Watch Online: Moral exemplars or preachy do-gooders? 

Matthew Ruby gave the second talk of 2022 in the PHAIR Society Speakers series: “Moral exemplars or preachy do-gooders? Perceptions of vegans and vegetarians across cultures” You can now watch the talk online.

Watch Online: Why can’t we be vegan?

Cara MacInnis gave the first talk of 2022 in the PHAIR Society Speakers series: “Why can’t we be vegan? Barriers to veganism and vegetarianism” You can now watch the talk online.

Exiting veganism: Identity residue, reaction or ambivalence?

Rebecca and Jared reflect on the process of exiting veganism and consider whether ex-vegans experience “identity residue”.

Student Showcase: Sarah Gradidge

Sarah Gradidge chats with us about her doctoral research on our tendency to prefer dogs over pigs – a form of “pet speciesism”.

Food of The Future

Social Psychologist and Meat-Replacement Researcher, Dr. Christopher Bryant discusses his research on meat and dairy alternatives.

Online: From meat to beets

Catarina Possidónio gave the last talk of 2021 in the PHAIR Society Speakers series on “From Meat to Beets: Exploring Pathways to More Plant-forward Diets“. You can now watch the talk online. You can all access all eight PHAIR… Read More

Veg*nism in the Sino-Cultural Sphere

Gina Song Lopez discusses what the vegan movement looks like in a Sino-cultural context.

Is anti-veganism slowing the vegan movement?

In this piece, Rebecca Gregson considers the negative impact that anti-veganism might be having on the vegan movement, highlighting issues of dietary lapse, self-silencing, and intra-movement conflict.

Online: The psychology of meat avoiders

Daniel Rosenfeld gave the October talk in the PHAIR Society Speakers series on “The psychology of meat avoiders”. You can now watch the talk online. Unfortunately, the first seconds of the talk were not recorded due to a… Read More

Student Showcase: Ben De Groeve

Interview with doctoral researcher, Ben De Groeve, on the perception of veg*ns.