About the PHAIR Society

The PHAIR Society

The Society for the Psychology of Human-Animal Intergroup Relations (PHAIR) is an international organization that aims to advance and promote scientific research and education on a wide range of topics related to how people perceive, treat, and interact with non-human animals, including the consumption of plant-based vs. animal-derived products, animal advocacy, and veganism. This field sits at the center of several interrelated areas including moral and social psychology, diet and health, human-animal relationships, and sustainability and environmental psychology.

Our focus and approach fit within the general context of the pro-animal (vegan) social movement that is rapidly gaining popularity and exposure worldwide. At a broader level, this movement is understood within the context of intersectional social justice concerns related to the treatment of animals, as well as increasing concerns about the impact of animal treatment on the environment, antimicrobial resistance and pandemic risk, and health. 

Although research in this area is often inspired by moral concerns for animals, the PHAIR Society is a scientific society and not an advocacy group.


The mission of the PHAIR Society is to provide a forum for scientific scholarship that supports justice for non-human and human animals. PHAIR welcomes a diversity of opinions about what constitutes justice and how to achieve it; the Society’s primary focus is on using psychological science to help answer these questions.

The Society aims to attain its mission by:

1. publishing manuscripts that advance scientific research, theory, and/or practice;

2. organizing meetings and activities;

3. facilitating and promoting scientific communication and cooperation between members, and between members and those outside the Society.


In the Bylaws, the PHAIR Society writes down its statutes, purpose and mission, rules of membership, etc. The current (first) version can be downloaded here: Bylaws

Contact us

You can get in touch with us via email: phairsociety@gmail.com

Photo credit: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals Media