Conference Submission Deadline!

The deadline for submissions to the Animal Advocacy Conference 2023 is approaching fast!  šŸ˜®

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to present your research and submit your proposal by December 20, 2022.

You can read the call for proposal and the submission guidelines on theĀ conference website:Ā

ā€¦and you can take a sneak peek at some of the confirmed speakers:

We are also delighted to announce that a limited number of travel grants will be awarded to graduate students of accepted proposals. More information on how to apply for travel grants will follow later.

About the Conference

The Animal Advocacy Conference brings together researchers from different fields in the social and behavioural sciences, and animal activists and advocates from around the world.

Learn about the latest ideas, findings, and campaigns in the following domains:

  • The psychological, social, and societal factors shaping how we perceive and think about animals, human-animalrelations, and animal welfare and rights
  • The impact of advocacy and activism strategies related to animal rights, veganism, meat reduction and reduction of other animal products (e.g., dairy, eggs)
  • The social and behavioural science of animal cruelty, meat consumption (and other animal-product consumption), vegetarianism/veganism, and speciesism
  • The connections and intersections between human-animal relations and human intergroup relations as well as between animal ethics and other social justice domains including environmentalism, feminism, and anti-racism

The conference program will include some of the worldā€™s leading scholars and advocates in the field with exciting public keynote presentations, several symposia and sessions with research talks, a poster session, panel discussions and workshops. Most sessions will be in-person but we will also hold some sessions online.

We look forward to reading your submissions! 

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