Post-doctoral Opportunity on ‘people-street dog relations’ in India

Dear Colleagues,

The University of Western Australia is advertising a full-time job opportunity to join an exciting international and interdisciplinary research project as a post-doctoral researcher in social psychology, based in the School of Psychological Science at UWA in Perth, Western Australia.

The successful applicant will undertake collaborative research as part of the Wellcome Trust-funded project “Remaking One Health: Decolonial approaches to street dogs and rabies prevention in India” (ROH-Indies). This interdisciplinary project investigates why rabies persists as a public health problem in India, building on research that suggests the answer might lie in insufficient understanding of everyday people-dog relations. It combines social psychology with human geography, history, and behavioural ecology to study the socio-cultural and environmental factors that structure people-dog interactions, dog ecology, and rabies prevention efforts in urban and rural India (for more information, see

This is a 3-year post (start date negotiable), which will be offered at a salary point in the range: 72,780-97,946 AUD (approx. €50-66K; £42-56K) plus an additional 17% employer superannuation (pension) contribution.

For questions about the position, please contact Tim Kurz (

For full position description details, and instructions regarding how to apply, please see:

Application deadline: 11th July 2022

Cover image credit: Photo by Lin Leyu

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